Best Place To Get Consensus Is Not Online

"The Best Place To Get Consensus Is Not Online. You need to get people in a room and let them talk” - Joi Ito. page

Infamously people I know have been doxxed for over reactions made on social media. This cause people to get fired from jobs and cause ongoing online targeting. This has me contact the head of social research at Google and talk thru an ongoing series of incidents. About resources we could bring to understand and design in incentives into a online social networking systems (OSNs) to stop bad actors.

Then famously for me I was in earshot of a technical put down made by a community developer to a highly qualified female speaker at tech talk. A week later at any tech talk with the same speaker the offender turned up and made a clumsy attempt at an apology. That caused less consensus not more. This resulted in serendipity and my connecting the short hand code of conduct: Be Excellent To Each Other. I needed a tool at inclusive events to head-off repeat incidents (people incidents are messy to sort out).

By serendipity I met Ward Cunningham and learned about Federated Wiki and how it drives both social and computing consensus by providing a tool that avoids consensus,both by simplicity and pause. Maybe Federated Wiki is super simple Blockchain and a great platform for driving new online solutions.

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