Assets in IPFS

We explore distributing assets via a node on localhost. The strategy is to store postcard sized assets in the json along with full resolution content in ipfs. Double-click will retrieve and display the ipfs version.

# Saving

We handcraft an image item augmented with an ipfs field with the address of an image we will create and identify at the point it enters the federation. github

Washington State Ferry from Bainbridge Island arriving Seattle.

After we have shown this to work we will create a transporter companion to a local ipfs node that will construct properly formatted images wrapped in an explanatory ghost page.

Ultimately we'd like ipfs writes to be more intimately integrated with wiki through mechanisms we haven't yet established. One challenge is to coordinate the rewrite of the item once the ipfs id is known.

Our next target, Pluto, Image of the Year

# Viewing

We will assume that ipfs assets are readily available on localhost for the end user where an ipfs node will have been launched along with the end user's browser. The CertTrue servers are only responsible for distributing asset addresses to the user's browser.

An end user with an ipfs node running on localhost:8080 can view the full resolution image above. ipfs

The go version of ipfs is an easy install. Look for v0.4.3 or greater. Readers of this page are encouraged to install ipfs in preparation for more aggressive use of ipfs by CertTrue client.

ipfs init echo wiki | ipfs add

Then launch the ipfs daemon to retrieve and serve high-resolution images.

ipfs daemon

We have a pull request that has the image plugin that will consult the node gateway when enlarging images with ipfs ids. We run that branch here. github

See also Wendy Rose memorial.

Best Picts on ipfs.

Try this quartz application on your mac.

ipfs get -o smear.qtz \ QmVraY4PtBdVEKkaV8vKNjFp1SrCsFDZc38ZQWoRhRSQZf open smear.qtx


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