Agoric To Advance Secure Smart Contracts

Computer scientists Mark Miller, Dean Tribble, Brian Warner and Bill Tulloh have launched a new startup, Agoric, to develop a secure, blockchain-agnostic programming language based on javascript.

According to the team, the language will allow programmers to code in a more intuitive and secure manner, while allowing for the kind of formal verification processes that can be a struggle in smart contract testing today.

"In the current blockchain environment for smart contracts, security is a major impediment to having it grow into the larger economy and mainstream applications," Tribble said.

"Now with the enablers in javascript, we can bring the massive amount of javascript programmers into this new world," Miller, who left a 10-year position at Google to found the startup, said.

Miller continued, saying that the new language should also facilitate communication between smart contracts running on different networks, potentially in the future enabling peer-to-peer trades of different cryptocurrencies.

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