70's Programming Innovations

The 1970's were a golden age for new programming languages, but do they have any relevance to programming today? post

YOUTUBE 0fpDlAEQio4 Published on Aug 15, 2018.

In this talk, we'll look at four languages designed over forty years ago -- SQL, Prolog, ML, and Smalltalk -- and discuss their philosophy and approach to programming, which is very different from most popular languages today.


MUMPS used by the Epic Systems and the Veterans Administration for electronic healthcare records is also from this era.

Neil Pappalardo developed this "built-in" database, enabling high-level access to disk storage using simple symbolic program variables and subscripted arrays; similar to the variables used by most languages to access main memory. wikipedia

Cullinet and PickOS also innovated the mid 60s era have eked out productivity sweet spot and are still used by applications today.

Unsaid why has the Node community not integrated a techstack like Rails , perhaps Firebase and serverless systems at Amazon are this.

Salesforce fits into this landscape as the first declarative system with horizontal cloud scaling (it does not scale vertically, it throttles to preserve multi-tenancy).